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Re: Cascading Style Sheets...
From Baz at on 3 Feb '99
replying to Re: Cascading Style Sheets... posted by James ...


In fact if anything Stylesheets will make your HTML clearer for the search engines.
If you link to your style sheet, this will enable you to get rid of all those nasty <font> tags.

However - consider using classes rather than sticking the style tags directly into your links. It makes it a LOT easier to modify the style of your site later.


>>hey guys!
>>I've recently been studying Cascading Style Sheets and now im wondering wot effect they have on promotion...
>>I recently learned from deadlock itself that <h1> tags are significant with regards to web promotion...
>>However, if we start using CSS to specify Styles then wot happens? Obviously, HTML dilution lessens (especially when using tables) but wot happens to H1 tags and TH tags?
>>Also, any idea whether embedding is better or is it better to use external .css files?
>>I'd appreciate any help ont he topic.. quite confusing i must say!!!!
>>thanx a bunch.
>Hello Pooja,
>CSS will not affect your ranking. Style sheets don't change any
>element's function, they just add style to the specified element.
>For instance ...
>-h1-This is a regular heading.-/h1-
><h1>This is a regular heading</h1>
>-h1 style="color: darkcyan"-This is a styled heading-/h1-
><h1 style="color: darkcyan">This is a styled heading</h1>
>I've replaced the "<" with "-" for this example. I hope it worked.

>No change in the function of the heading just the color. :) Now,
>embedding ...
>If you want to apply a style sheet to an entire site, it is best to
>use external sheets using this tag ...
>-link rel="stylesheet" href="./filename.css"-
>For just one page, it's usually best to embed the CSS.
>Thank you for using style! James ~*
>Check out the latest spec at

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