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Hmm confusing the newbie here
From Daniel Evans at The Aphyx Twin on 22 July '00
Hi People,

Well what a dam usefull site this place has been so far, if there was of an email us link I would of used that but I didn't see one but thats probaly to do with the fact that i'm knackered and it's 6:00 am here.

Anyway I have been working as a graphic artist for 2 years and have finally got my arse round to doing web design. The site i've posted is my personal site and is just my first experiment. It has many problems but i'll get them sorted eventually. The main one is it takes for ever to download because it is rich in graphics and the xoom server isnt paarticullay fast :(

Onto the things that are confusing me,

What the hell are meta tags, I probaly have them on my site without knowing but I'am using a GUI to design my site and not coding it directly with HTML. I really don't want too either as I am more of an artist than tech head.

How do you get registred with google? I tried your program but it returns the error URL must have HTTP:// and it has. Confusing.

Anyone know where I can get a descent counter that doesn't have XOOM splashed all over it and will fit in with the design of my site.

Also I have a friend who has a domain name registred with nominet. How easy is it to get it transfered to another new web hoster. I'm clueless about those type of things.

Well thankyou for your patients and I will be adding this site to my links list.



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