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Re: Intelectual copyright, web style.
From CyberEye® at on 6 August '00
replying to Intelectual copyright, web style. posted by dave

>I have been thinking of setting up a web site of just late using an old medical dictionary A-Z as a basis of giving people a laugh?? the book is out of coppy right because its dated 1906 and was given to an eighteen year old pioneer going to Africa.
>I was going to use it for a first stage in drawing people to my web site, and eventualy sell afiliated programs or something on those lines.
>It's a great book to read, and it's a wonder anyone survived after taking some of the potions that where on offer at the turn of the century, there is some fantastic answers to the questions posed at the time of the book being wrote, and i suppose that they where acurate enough at the time, but compared with medical understandings of todays modern sergury, they should give even a person with no medical background a good laugh.
>Take Freckles for instance, they give the symptoms as only apearing in hot or very windy wether.
>The cure to remove them is to paint the face night and morning with, 1 grain of mercury to an ounce of water, till the signs disapear,,,,
>I wonder did anyone survive to see the freckles had disapeared?????
>What i wes intending to do was compare the old with the new,but how can i print something that is clearly still in coppy right,has anyone got any ideas as to how to over come this dilema, as i would be most greatful. yours DAVE..

Hi, go to the my site and scroll down until you see the shark; cick there for free information, to talk to a (live) lawyer for free.

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