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Re: OT, but I am in urgent need of advice
From T J Daniels at ''POETRY'' by: T. J. Daniels on 18 August '00
replying to OT, but I am in urgent need of advice posted by Karen

Hi Karen. Patrick gave you the greatest advice that anyone could. Many years ago when I was in retail, (home party plan, hand packaged, hand delivered) we had a very similar problem. My partner refused to replace an item that a customer claimed was broken. I explained to my partner, that that was part of being in 'business'. The customer was always right. Even the big companies, if you're unsatisfied (My experience is with food products) with a product for any reason, will either refund your purchase price, or will send you coupons for free products. TJ

>Sorry this is a little off-topic, but I need the advice of other ecommerce merchants who may have had to deal with this problem. I am fairly new to ecommerce. I have an online fragrance store. I just received an email from a customer who purchased 2 items that said she got her order but only received one of the items. Now, I packed that order myself. I rolled both items up in one long strip of bubble-wrap and know absolutely beyond a doubt that both items were in the box and she is lying. The package was sent by Priority Mail if that makes a difference. I have sent her an email telling her I know I packed both items and asking her if the box had been opened when she received it.
>What can I do to avoid having to send this dishonest person a free expensive product?
>Thank you.

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