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Re: ISPs in UK
From Jim on 15 Sept '00
replying to ISPs in UK posted by Patrick

>I'll be studying in Oxford for the next year, (coming from California), and I
>know that there are many UK posters here.
>My question:
>What is the state of Internet Service Providers here?

The current fashion is "free" ISPs, however, the government
is about to pass a law preventing ISPs from advertising
"free" Internet access if they charge for any part of their
service :)

You'll find that anybody who has used these free services
will all tell you that a) the service can be down for hours
on end, b) they're often only accessible via appalling
proprietary software which crashes all the time, and c) the
£10 monthly saving is a minor consideration compared to the
metered phone charges involved.

I've been with Demon Internet since 1993 and the thought of
switching has never entered my mind. It's an established,
professional service. £11.75 (including tax):

>What are my options as far as flat-fee providers, or high speed access (such as
>I appreciate your help with this!

Until very recently we've been paying for metered phone
calls, it's been a complete ripoff because British Telecom-
BT - has had a monopoly. I've been paying, on average,
UK£200 per month for the past few years for OFF-PEAK, LOCAL
CALLS to my ISP!

However, you can now get "Surftime", which gives flat monthly
phone charges via an 0844 number, to your ISP. Demon is
launching their surftime package on October 10th. You pay BT
a set amount (£19.99 for all day access, less for off-peak)
and you pay the ISP their normal rate. This is for normal
analog access.

DSL is only just being set up over here. Demon have recently
launched their more expensive DSL packages, with the cheaper
ones to come in the next few months (this is what I'm
waiting for too!)

I know you lot have been paying flat monthly fees for your
phone for years, but over here this type of thing is brand
new, you're coming just at the right time.

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