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Re: Growspot! No way only $2,500!
From Patrick R at on 20 Sept '00
replying to Growspot! No way only $2,500! posted by Jeff S

>What a nice Site. How long did it take you to do it, including planning,
>writing the text, working out the navigation, scanning all those graphics and setting up
>the shopping cart and database. Bet a pro wouldn't do it for less than
>$10,000, maybe far more. What about search engine optimization, and
>tweaking everything after the launch...time, time, time.
>Only problem is that the pages seem a little off balance, with the
>sign-up form often being the only thing in the left-most column. Logo
>is also too far to the left...the artistic balance isn't correct at
>least on my Windows machine.
>BTW,I'm just an amateur who does his own sites.

Thank You for the compliment!

I'm just an amateur too, this has been my pet project that I've put time in as it came up. I've been playing with it for about a year now, but didn't get serious until this spring. That's when I bought the shopping cart software from Make-a-Store. I'll admit, it was expensive, but it's been very stable, although the back-end leaves something to be desired. (I had to make my own database to handle the products, then upload them manually to the shopping cart).

The problems you mentioned with the minor glitches and such is just an artifact of the stop-start (and amateur) nature of the work I did. Luckily, I learned something in the process, I just knew that if I let those minor details force me to start over, that I would just keep starting over, and would never make anything out of it, so I focused on getting it up, then revising.

For the search engine optimization, I'm using Deadlock, so I don't have to worry about it.

My big headache right now is marketing and advertising, and the revision process.

My next plan is to go through and re-do the site using the same template for everything, (and testing the template first on multiple platforms! I'm on a Mac). The biggest annoyance is that Mac's pixel to font-point mapping is different than on Windows, so legible type on a windows machine looks microscopic on a Mac, and legible type on a Mac looks extra-large on a Windows machine. Right now I'm looking into using CSS to control the type size...

Anyways, thanks again for pick-me up! It's nice to hear when someone likes what you've done!


PS. If I can charge $10,000 for that site, I might be in the wrong business! ;)

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