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Re: Growspot! No way only $2,500!
From Jeff S on 20 Sept '00
replying to Re: Growspot! No way only $2,500! posted by Patrick R

>>What a nice Site. How long did it take you to do it, including planning,
>>writing the text, working out the navigation, scanning all those graphics and setting up
>>the shopping cart and database. Bet a pro wouldn't do it for less than
>>$10,000, maybe far more. What about search engine optimization, and
>>tweaking everything after the launch...time, time, time.
>>Only problem is that the pages seem a little off balance, with the
>>sign-up form often being the only thing in the left-most column. Logo
>>is also too far to the left...the artistic balance isn't correct at
>>least on my Windows machine.
>>BTW,I'm just an amateur who does his own sites.
>Thank You for the compliment!
>I'm just an amateur too, this has been my pet project that I've put time in as it came up. I've been playing with it for about a year now, but didn't get serious until this spring. That's when I bought the shopping cart software from Make-a-Store. I'll admit, it was expensive, but it's been very stable, although the back-end leaves something to be desired. (I had to make my own database to handle the products, then upload them manually to the shopping cart).
>The problems you mentioned with the minor glitches and such is just an artifact of the stop-start (and amateur) nature of the work I did. Luckily, I learned something in the process, I just knew that if I let those minor details force me to start over, that I would just keep starting over, and would never make anything out of it, so I focused on getting it up, then revising.
>For the search engine optimization, I'm using Deadlock, so I don't have to worry about it.
>My big headache right now is marketing and advertising, and the revision process.
>My next plan is to go through and re-do the site using the same template for everything, (and testing the template first on multiple platforms! I'm on a Mac). The biggest annoyance is that Mac's pixel to font-point mapping is different than on Windows, so legible type on a windows machine looks microscopic on a Mac, and legible type on a Mac looks extra-large on a Windows machine. Right now I'm looking into using CSS to control the type size...
>Anyways, thanks again for pick-me up! It's nice to hear when someone likes what you've done!
>PS. If I can charge $10,000 for that site, I might be in the wrong business! ;)

Do you host the site on your own server, Patrick? Is that software
available in a Windows version?

I'm using NS 4.7 with the monitor at 600X800 and everything looks fine.
Text is easily legible. You'd have been a bit better off using a
sans-serif font such as Verdana or Ariel. I really figured you were a
pro. Actually you're much better than many so-called pros.

My site is . What does my text look like
on your Mac. It should be okay because I stay away from the tiniest
font size. I just got a nifty 17" Dell monitor and I'm seeing that
some of my graphics need to be replaced.

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