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Mac compatibility/Gray background
From Jeff S on 22 Sept '00
replying to Re: Growspot! No way only $2,500! posted by Patrick R

>>My site is . What does my text look like
>>on your Mac. It should be okay because I stay away from the tiniest
>>font size. I just got a nifty 17" Dell monitor and I'm seeing that
>>some of my graphics need to be replaced.
>I use Hurricane Electric ( ) to host, they don'thave a lot of the bells and whistles that other sites have, but you can load your own CGIs and I prefer finding my own programs over using ones forced on me by my host anyway.
>I checked your site out with Netscape 4.7 and IE 4.5 (Both for the Mac), and the text was fine on both. However in IE the right-most margin (with the scrubs tops for $9.99) didn't even show up at all, and on Netscape the background color is grey, not white.
>Other than that, it looks great!
>PS you're right about the font, that's something on my list to change.


Damn! Just when I thought my site was roughly compatible with everything
from NS 1.0 to WebTV, you tell me a whole column is missing on your

My page widths are all set to 640 pixels which fit (or almost fit) on
any windows machine. I know borders can vary a bit. But a whole column--
and an important one at that-- missing throws me. Orginally I set up the
pages for a very conservative 620 width, but I didn't like the narrow

Dumb me...I never bothered to override the default background color on
my pages, usually white these days, but sometimes gray. Last month, I
found an old NS 3.0 on one of my machines and was shocked to see all
the gray on my site...ala 1994! I thought I had at least cleaned up
my main page, but I see that I hadn't. It's done now.

I need to find a library or something with a bunch of
Apple products to test my site on. Many thanks, Patrick.

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