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Re: Layers
From David A on 4 Oct '00
replying to Layers posted by Miller

>On a page that does have a lot of images, can you create a layer with text and keywords on it, then keep that layer invisible. Would the search engines see the text?

A trick that I have seen used with success is:
1. Page has background red (or any suitable contrasting color of both text colors you use) in the body tag with black text (ugly yes but SEs don't mind).

2. Page has a 10x10 background image of solid white in the body tag.

3. Effect; you can now use white text all over the page. People won't see it. SEs will see it but will not penalize because its not red. SEs don't know what color a graphic is.

How do I know this? I had a competitor site do this and it took me several reads through their code before I saw it. They screwed up though because they were using the name of our company and other competing companies as their hidden words. A note from our legal department cleared the whole thing up. Now they don't use this method. Even though all we demanded was that they remove our name.

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