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Re: is the best I've found
From Rev William J McVay DD on 30 Oct '00
replying to is the best I've found posted by Eric

>>how I can get set up to take credit cards
>Take a look at CCslide,

We have used ccslide almost since its inception, but are now bailing out. The new client agreement (effective October1, 2000, but not announced until October 27, 2000) is really bad. For example, it allows ccslide to hold all money due its clients for up to 180 days entirely at its discretion. It can also hold money due you for 180 days if either you or ccslide ends your relationship.

We had them withhold money and when asked why, we received two different responses, both bogus. When I pointed out that the client agreement did not permet ccslide to withhold money for the reasons provided, it quickly posted a new client agreement and claimed it was retroactive to the first of October.

Heck ex post facto laws were one of the reason the colonies revolted against England and now we have an American company trying to enforce legal terms retroactively.

CCslide now uses AVS for all accounts and will NOT process credit card orders from outside of North America. That represents about 50% of our church's business!

ccslide has also increased its rates and instituted a $0.99 a transaction fee on top of its percentage.


Rev. William J. McVay D.D.

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