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Best way to do color swatches
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 15 Nov '00
We sell medical scrubs in many colors. I know it's almost
impossible to show colors accurately on the web due to differences in
computer color settings and monitors. We have stuck with product colors that
can be described fairly well in words, such as white or navy.

However we have a few colors that not everyone understands and we now
feel adding swatches to our website MIGHT be useful even if they're
not perfect (we'll have a disclaimer that "COLORS ARE APPROXIMATE."

I've tried several ways to create the swatches. Many sites simply scan
a catalog or even the actual fabric, and create GIFs. Hard work and
not accurate at all.

But I've also seen an easier way. You create a table with a cell for
each color. I was able to get the hex settings from the manufacturer.
I set the cell's background color(BG)to the precise hex code for the
color. Easy! Of course the accuracy is still up to the viewer's

Is there a problem with my easy method? How would you graphic pros
make swatches? (buying and learning photoshop isn't the answer I want!)

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