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Re: Best way to do color swatches
From David A on 15 Nov '00
replying to Best way to do color swatches posted by Jeff

>We sell medical scrubs in many colors. I know it's almost
>impossible to show colors accurately on the web due to differences in
>computer color settings and monitors. We have stuck with product colors that
>can be described fairly well in words, such as white or navy.
>However we have a few colors that not everyone understands and we now
>feel adding swatches to our website MIGHT be useful even if they're
>not perfect (we'll have a disclaimer that "COLORS ARE APPROXIMATE."
>I've tried several ways to create the swatches. Many sites simply scan
>a catalog or even the actual fabric, and create GIFs. Hard work and
>not accurate at all.
>But I've also seen an easier way. You create a table with a cell for
>each color. I was able to get the hex settings from the manufacturer.
>I set the cell's background color(BG)to the precise hex code for the
>color. Easy! Of course the accuracy is still up to the viewer's
>Is there a problem with my easy method? How would you graphic pros
>make swatches? (buying and learning photoshop isn't the answer I want!)
That way sounds good to me. What I like though is when you have a picture that changes as you mouse over each color. So when you mouse over the blue square the picture shows a person in a blue outfit and when you mouse over green its the exact same picture but with a green outfit on.

Sorry I don't know how to do it. I'm just the idea man.

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