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Re: Link color problem
From Hope on 30 Nov '00
replying to Link color problem posted by Greg B

Looking at your code shows that you haven't chosen the link color to be white. If you don't tell it, it defaults to blue.

You also have a problem with the code for this page.

You should check your pages with both Netscape and IE. THere are still a lot of us Netscape users. RIght now I cannot see anything on that page except the boarder.

>Hello all - It's been a while since I posted here. I'm having a problem with link colors on my site. I have an Email login box on the left hand side of each page of my site:
>Notice the "New Users Sign Up!" link which is linked to the Email sign up page. The problem is that the "Sign Up!" is a blue link. I've specified the text as white in FrontPage 98 and it should appear as it does in my message forums:
>Note that the message forums are hosted by and the page borders are acheived by pasting raw HTML into a template. The rest of the site that has the link color problem has been created in FrontPage and the login box is part of a shared left border. I have a feeling good old FrontPage is screwing up the HTML when it creates the pages. I've tried pasting the HTML for the Email login box from the message forums template where it does appear as a white link into the HTML view of FP, but it still doesn't work.
>Any suggestions on how to fix this other than using a different editor? Any setting in FP I'm overlooking? I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that this link is within a shared border. Any thoughts? Thanks!
>Greg Blasko

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