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Re: Never Mind (I learned something, too)
From Jeff S on 4 Dec '00
replying to Re: Never Mind posted by David A

>Here are a few reasons you may want to use text links instead of images:
>Easier to update if pages are chnaged or added.
>Faster download for the bandwith impaired.
>More search engine friendly. SEs like text.
>And to answer your question.
>(a STYLE="color:#660099; text-decoration:none" href="page.htm")Link(/a)
>>Hi, all,
>>I decided to ask a Web designer friend to create graphical links for me...problem solved!
>>However, if there is an answer to my question below, perhaps other people on this site would be interested in knowing.
>>>Hi, all,
>>>I'm redoing my site, adding some links and removing others.
>>>How do I create linked text without the line underneath? On other pages I've looked at, they have the alink tage set for the same color as the background, but that wouldn't work for us because we have a patterened background. We really want bold, dark purple Arial links without the underscore. Any ideas?

David and Linda:

Thanks, I learned something. But I'm doubt I'll ever use that
technique. Links (and only links) should look like links.

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