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basic formmail
From kevin at on 4 Dec '00
i need help in the basic formation of a perl script that will just help me get the NAME fields sent back to me and instead of going to a generic matts script page(no offense matt, youre a genius), i would like it to go to an HTML page that just basically says thank you with teh same text color and background image as the rest of teh site. everytime i upload a script lik ethe one below only with more HTML tags in it, what appears is just the coding below. if anyone has just a pl script that they wrote to match the style of their site, please let me know and if you are willing to, send me the script so that i can look at it and see what i am doing wrong and then make chagnes to mine. if anyone replies i would really appreciate it, thanks a lot



print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

print " <HTML><TITLE>PreEminentProjects>
print "<H1>Thank you for submitting the form, we will reply asap</H1>
print "<H1>PreEminent Projects</H1>
print ";</HTML>

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