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Re: Now that's a gimmic if I ever saw one :)
From mysterious telemarketer on 11 Dec '00
replying to Now that's a gimmic if I ever saw one :) posted by Rafe Kemmis

>Now that's a gimmic if I ever saw one ;) A very high quality one at that! I guess I wasn't the only one to read that marketing e-zine 8-)

I honestly believe that you people should stop discriminating against us telemarketers!!! First of all, we don't quite enjoy calling people, it pays really nice though. Probably more than what either of you are making. Also the majority of people who telemarket, are people trying to make it through college. It's people like you who continue to discriminate against honest people trying to make an honest living. It's not like it's going to kill you to simply tell us to not call anymore, or even hang up on us. Obviously that would wear out your poor little hands. Have you people ever had a money problem in your life????????? Thanx much...


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