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Re: What to do with a blank website
From Greg B at on 18 Dec '00
replying to Re: What to do with a blank website posted by David A

>Start an information site about something that interests you, and make money off of advertising and affiliates.
>Example: If you like traveling. Start a site that talks all about travel: What places are best during what season, and what to do when you get there, etc.
>Banner ads will pull in a little money once the sites gets good traffic. Set up affiliations with Amazon - for books on travel, some luggage mfg - for giving specific product recommendations and reviews, etc.
>Hey Greg B, seems like this might be up your alley. Any thoughts?

This is exactly how got started. Inititally, I set up one skiing page on a personal Web site. I then registered the domain name and it sort of grew from there. It's definitely very important to focus on a topic that you're familiar with and passionate about. I've been hiking and skiing in New England for many years so it was a natural topic for me.

As far as making money, well that comes later and I'm just starting to make some headway there; after two years of content development, mind you. Remember "Content is King". You need to develop a site that interests people in order to build a working list of potential customers or repeat visitors. Once you build a base of consistent traffic, you can then promote your products and/or services.

I generate revenue (in the form of capital as well as free lift tickets and ski equipment) primarily via banner advertising. I also belong to two affiliate programs; one alliance for the lodging section, and one for the brand new Store where I sell mountain adventure gear.

It's not going to happen overnight, but start with a unique idea and build it from there. Good luck!

Greg B

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