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Re: Meaning of No Referer in webstats
From David Arehart on 5 Feb '01
replying to Re: Meaning of No Referer in webstats posted by Inachu

>I believe they are using Norton Internet Security which disables
>everything transmitted by a browser and where they came from(except the ip address)
>I have been using NIS and Zonelabs in tandem and it works great!
>This also happens if they click on your hyper link from within their
>bookmarks or favorites.
>You can try to force the referer maybe by using the favicon technique.
>But this may or may not work depening on how they reach your site.
>>In the web usage stats which I get for my site, I often encounter a
>>"no referer" line in the fields where the refering URL is given. Here
>>is an example from yesterdays web usage stats:
>> 3 33K /palmares/reed.htm
>> 2
>> 1
>> 10 143K /palmares/reinhart.htm
>> 2
>> 2 (no referer)
>> 2
>> 2
>> 1
>> 1
>> 3 24K /palmares/rossner.htm
>> 1 (no referer)
>> 1
>> 1
>>As I read this, 3 people called up the reed.htm file, 10 called on the
>>reinhart.htm file, and 3 called the rossner.htm file. Five of the 10
>>calls on reinhart.htm came from search engines, 3 of them were from
>>within the Palmares web site, and 2 are listed as "no referer". Does
>>this mean that those calls resulted from somebody typing in the URL
>>( directly into the URL address
>>field in their browser and getting to the page in that fashion?
>>Jim Perry

"Referer" is the website that sent them to you. If they typed your URL directly in the browser or have you bookmarked there will be "no referer".

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