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Speaking of Netscape problems...
From aperry on 8 Feb '01
Could anyone help me out with problems declaring the heights and widths of nested tables in Netscape?

The first problem: I have a very graphic-intensive site that requires 5 tables, all nested (ie. table 5 inside table 4 inside table 3 etc.) The site appears fine on IE, but NS for some reason doesn't recognize the height attribute after the second table. All the tables should be 100% of the screen, but only the first two appear that way. (I can't use a vertical spacer because it would interfere with the graphics.)

Okay, on to the second problem: I'm not sure how to create a table with two fixed-width cells on the sides, and a variable-width cell in the middle that would adjust to fit the user's screen (minus the width of the two fixed width cells). If I declare a 100% width on table in IE, the middle cell adjusts fine. In NS, however, the fixed width attributes are ignored and the left cell is adjusted to 100% of the screen.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?



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