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Re: (I know nothing) Does it matter which internet provider you use?
From Inachu on 21 Feb '01
replying to (I know nothing) Does it matter which internet provider you use? posted by Russ

It's good you asked here then you can have many different opinions.

If you know you are starting small then having your own domain the first place to start.

Some people do not mind buying things even if the account of the person
looked like

But most look now for a fully qualified domain like: This way it looks more professional.

Sure you can go to other places for domain names but either you would be like renting the name or something.

But if you want to fully own the right to the name without renting the domain space then
a good place to start is get a 2-5 years paid up front at network solutions.

Savvy computer users will notice virtual domains and will avoid them.

If you just want your "foot in the door" to internet business then
I reccomend using (free domain hosting) but they have
certain strings attached prior to signing up.

Ask jim( hosting by hurricane.

Also some consider where they live in the world to host sites.
so something like might be good for you if you are in
Germay. But the business world mostly prefers the ".com" as the main way to present a business
on the net.

Also read all past Q&A here at deadlock. I am sure your question was posted
prior to yours.

The best book that might be best for depends how long you have been using
computers and internet. So if you are new to both then maybe "Internet for Dummies"
and "Computers for Dummies" then purchase about $80 worth of computer magazines to play catchup
with todays technology.


>I don't know anything about this stuff. Can I use any internet provider? Does that matter? How about getting a domain name? Can I use it on AOL?
>Can you recommend a readable book for someone that's not a webhead and doesn't have time to learn. I plan to use your software once I get to the point where I know what to do with it. Thanks.

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