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Re: Speaking of Netscape problems...
From Inachu on 21 Feb '01
replying to Speaking of Netscape problems... posted by aperry

The quick way I solved this was to use

The program has been very helpfull in keeping my site compatible for
all versions of netscape and internet explorer.

Version 6.0 should be out any month now so do not go out to buy version 5 unless its a real must.

As per the coding I could import it into netobjects for you and send back the results.
But I highly reccomend using either netobjects or golive to steer around theese types of roadblocks.

You will find it worth the time and effort and frustration to buy either but
stay away from Front Page. No I am not Front Page hater but they use strange lingo
that is not standardly used on the internet. Example:
MY WEBS........ What the heck is that...... stoooooopid.

Good luck,


>Could anyone help me out with problems declaring the heights and widths of nested tables in Netscape?
>The first problem: I have a very graphic-intensive site that requires 5 tables, all nested (ie. table 5 inside table 4 inside table 3 etc.) The site appears fine on IE, but NS for some reason doesn't recognize the height attribute after the second table. All the tables should be 100% of the screen, but only the first two appear that way. (I can't use a vertical spacer because it would interfere with the graphics.)
>Okay, on to the second problem: I'm not sure how to create a table with two fixed-width cells on the sides, and a variable-width cell in the middle that would adjust to fit the user's screen (minus the width of the two fixed width cells). If I declare a 100% width on table in IE, the middle cell adjusts fine. In NS, however, the fixed width attributes are ignored and the left cell is adjusted to 100% of the screen.
>What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?

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