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Re: Are pics developed onto CDROM O.K. to use on a site?
From Jim Perry at Palmares of Elite Women Cycle Racers on 13 March '01
replying to Are pics developed onto CDROM O.K. to use on a site? posted by Gil

One very important point concerning photo quality is the developing process.

Last year, when I was in Idaho taking photos at the Women's Challenge race, there was one time when I wanted my pics developed that day. I took them to one of those cut-rate places. They came out really bad and I just had to have them re-done at a quality (and higher priced) developer. At least they returned my negatives in sleeves sothey weren't scratched.

Apparently, at some (all?) of the cut-rate places, they just put the roll inot the machine, set it up, and let it run until it is done with the roll. The quality shops have a human being eye-ball each frame in order to adjust the color for each shot. With the cut-rate places, the machine could get out of whack or different shots could require a different adjustment in the color.

It is worth it to pay the extra costs of a quality developer.

Jim Perry

>I'm bldg. a site and want to put a few photos up but don't have a digital camera but do have a nice Cannon camera. Is it O.K. in terms of quality if I get the film developed into .jpg or .gif files through the pharmacy/film developer/ Thanks!

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