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Re: split testing
From David A on 19 March '01
replying to Re: split testing posted by The other Gil

>>sounds like a new way to spam a user visually with unwanted ads.
>Nope, but it is for commercial applications.
>Page all visitors reach lists a number of products/services as well as information. Each product/service link goes to a "selling" page and ordering process. Could also be a splash or redirect page.
>It is variations in the selling pages that I want to be able to test, using a link that sends half the clickers one way and half the other and measuring response (orders, requests for additional information, etc.) in order to fine tune the presenations.
>I know how to do this with ads or e-mail (and before we get into a UCE, opt-in/opt-out discussion, you can see my position on commercial e-mail at It is a simple matter of setting up 2 or more pages for click throughs and varying the URLs. Now what I'm looking for is a way to handle the split on the receiving end of the click, dividing the visitors from search or referral sources.
>I'd really like to come up with an HTML solution, but I doubt that can be done.

HTML no. But you may be able to find a Javascript solution. Look at various Javascript counters and window redirection scripts. Some Frankenstein of these 2 will do what you want.
Example; have the script read from the text file (counter script) and do a calculation to see if its odd or even then load the appropriate page (window redirection). Also I have found that looking at Javascript games will fill in some of the missing pieces.

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