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Questions from a journalist
From Andreas on 21 March '01
Sorry for writing off topic on your message board.

I am a journalist with the danish chapter of Computerworld, and currently working on som articles on the development of the Internet. The aspect I'm concentrating on is; What has the increasing commercialisation (segmenting users, datamining, pay for information, spam) of the Internet done to it? I would greatly appreciate it, if some of you would care to answer one or more of the following question:

1: How do you see the development of the Internet in the last five years? Is it for the good or the worse?

2: Do you think the user created and non-commercial Internet (ex. newsgroups, networks, and so on) are being damaged by the increasing commercialisation? Why?

3: Can the commercial and non-commercial Internet live side by side, will one eat the other, or will they mix?

3: Should information on the Internet be free (also of commercial interests)? Is it?

4: Is it possible and positive to mix commercial and community activity (for example at eBay, or Amazon, where its possible to discuss and review products)?

Thank you for your help. I will check for answers in a couple of days.
Andreas Lindqvist, Journalist, Computerworld, Copenhagen

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