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Re: Questions from a journalist
From Melanie at Healthy weight loss - a quality product that people love! on 21 March '01
replying to Questions from a journalist posted by Andreas

1: How do you see the development of the Internet in the last five years? Is it for the good or the worse?

It just developed naturally towards the commercialism. It is natural for most people to seek profit. It is not natural to do things "just because"... Even volunteers often have underlying commercial intentions (like seeking publicity through their free work).

Think about recent demise of many internet companies that did not have a good business model - if a company does not make real profit it can't survive.

It is not for the better and not for the worse - it is just the fact of life. The sky is blue - is it for the good or for the worse? Neither - it's a fact of life. Like commercialism.

2: Do you think the user created and non-commercial Internet (ex. newsgroups, networks, and so on) are being damaged by the increasing commercialisation? Why?

Not really. In the offline world, are people's hobbies and friendships damaged by the commercial businesses around them? People are just people (offline and online). Online, people will always like to chat, discuss things on newsgroups, build homepages, etc.

3: Can the commercial and non-commercial Internet live side by side, will one eat the other, or will they mix?

Some of it can live side by side (like user homepages and commercial websites). Some of it will mix (like for example the model of providing free information on the website to attract visitors, and then link to products for sale to make profit).

3: Should information on the Internet be free (also of commercial interests)? Is it?

There are tons of free information, but as I said before, it is mostly used to drive potential customers to the website. I have no problem with this - there is no such thing as a free lunch, and that makes perfect sense.

4: Is it possible and positive to mix commercial and community activity (for example at eBay, or Amazon, where its possible to discuss and review products)?

Oh yes. I love those review pages - if I buy something online, I often base my final decision on customer reviews.


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