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Re: Netscape Nested Table background image craziness
From atrox on 8 April '01
replying to Re: Netscape Nested Table background image craziness posted by David A

netscape is actually not a piece of "s**t" as you proclaim, your code is.
background images for tables or cells are not part of any HTML standard. the
problem stems from you using proprietary crap in that other browser that
wont work in any other browser. check your crap in mozilla, ns6, opera,
hotjava, etc, i bet it sucks ass everywhere but ie? hmmmm, then what really sucks?

>>Hi everyone....
>>I have been having a horrible nightmare trying to get my site to work in that ignorant peice of s**t called Netscape...
>>referring to a (very old) thread that someone with a similar frustration:
>>I have tried all the suggestions on this thread to no avail... so in dire frustration I have created a page that illustrates the problem... if you guys could look at it an make any suggestions I would be very grateful...
>>thanks very much in advance...
>Take out the background="" stuff. On my browser the "portfolio" pic comes in and you don't have all the background="" tags in that one.

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