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Re: Just thought I'd warn everyone...
From Inachu on 13 May '01
replying to Re: Just thought I'd warn everyone... posted by IronMerliN

Ok so the next email you send to your mother that you thought was private then shows up on TV as a commercial or better yet they can use any file attachment they please from your hotmail inbox and post it as well and could use it against you thne they claim ownership of that photo. Not only is this an ethical delima it is a moral one as well.

Yours truly,


>Blah, blah, you have any idea the amount people/businesses that already have all of that 'important' is called marketing...thats how people make money...targeting specific markets...thats what makes the world go around.
>If you are worried about that then you better lock yourself in your house and become a hermit...and as for hailstorm it is the future of the web...Microsoft has a technology called .NET and it is going to be how EVERYONE communicates in the future. YOu know those little handheld devices you ppl like so much...wel imagine being able to do EVERYTHING from that..from surfing the web to trading stocks to paying parking tickets to managing you business 3000 miles away to hold video meetings to what ever...that is what .NET is going to will be a gateway to the internet for users to become more efficient and effective in searching the will store profiles and all who cares about Microsoft..they have plenty of problems and at the sametime they make my life and your life SO MUCH easier. Do you have a compter? Do you use it? Then thank Microsoft. And if you think they are ripping you off for a ouple hundred dollars for an OS...then go cry to someone else...b/c it is easy to pirate the stuff and there business that spend million and millions and MILLIONS of dollars on Microsoft and they are the ones that should be complaining....but do you know why they are spending that much on Microsoft...b/c believe it or not Microsoft provides them with better solutions at a fraction of the cost.
>NO I dont work for them and no I am not trying to defend them I am trying to make you see the whole picture. I have my own issues with Microsoft, but I am not gonna sit here and cry. I have better things to make my own fortune like Bill Gates.

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