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Re: on email e-zines using HTML and graphics
From Pooja M at SatyaNet - lets simplify on 17 May '01
replying to Re: on email e-zines using HTML and graphics posted by kriesmer

nothing that Ive figured out so far. Im up to almost 30,000 subscribers to my newsletter and im still struggling with the HTML / Text argument.

i studied up on it a bit and discovered the 'MIME part' emails... basically u send a newsletter which is in the HTML + the Text format... the recipients email client is then supposed to decide whether it wants to display HTM or Text. Sounded great in theory.. in practice it fell flat.

Problem occured because only sophisticated email clients can read the MIME part emails.. and for us, the problem was never the new clients. The ones that can read MIME can read HTML as well so its not an issue.

So anyways.. the best i discovered was that you send either HTML or Text depending on the amjority of ur users. + you create a space where your users can decide whether they want th etext version or the HTML version and then u email the 2 sets separately...

That's my 2 cents. :o) Hope it helps.

- Pooja.

>Hi there. I have also a problem concerning the use of html in emails.
>I created something like a newsletter in the Communicator Messenger. Having sent the mail, I was told by the recipients that half the sent emails appeared as data jam ( wild signs and url code advices and so on ).
>And the other half received it, as I created it.
>So whats going on there ? And how can I prevent such a data jam ?

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