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Re: I had the same problem on a page and......
From Bob on 29 May '01
replying to Re: I had the same problem on a page and...... posted by Inachu

I have to laugh at all of you Netscape devotees. Adherence to an old and outdated standard is no excuse for mediocrity. Netscape has, over and over again, proven to be an astronomically inferior product. Any designer or serious programmer will tell you that Netscape is a thing of the past, and IE represents the future. Why else do you think so many companies are now refusing to support Netscape? Microsoft continues to innovate, and Netscape continues to cry "unfair" from the bowels of excrement where it has, and always will, wallow.

I am a web applications developer for one of the foremost web technology innovators. We no longer support Netscape. And neither do ANY of our competitors.

You all can keep your outdated versions of Netscape, and cry "boo-hoo" when the world decides HTML v1 isn't the end-all be-all of web publishing. You can even have Netscape club parties, and show off your text art and slide-rules. The rest of us will enjoy Microsoft's advances in HTML, Java, JScript, and ActiveX.

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