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Re: Netscape Nested Table background image craziness
From Joe Bloggs on 6 June '01
replying to Re: Netscape Nested Table background image craziness posted by atrox

You're obviously an anti Microsoft freak! I agree, Netscape is a pile of crap, only 10% of the internet community use it so why bother with the bug riddle pile of crap.

To enforce this argument try setting an image to a width of a percentage, I found that the image turned into a netscape image icon.

I hear Netscape are going into producing routers instead of browsers, lets hope they can at least get that right.

By the way Opera displays background images just fine!

>netscape is actually not a piece of "s**t" as you proclaim, your code is.
>background images for tables or cells are not part of any HTML standard. the
>problem stems from you using proprietary crap in that other browser that
>wont work in any other browser. check your crap in mozilla, ns6, opera,
>hotjava, etc, i bet it sucks ass everywhere but ie? hmmmm, then what really sucks?
>>>Hi everyone....
>>>I have been having a horrible nightmare trying to get my site to work in that ignorant peice of s**t called Netscape...
>>>referring to a (very old) thread that someone with a similar frustration:
>>>I have tried all the suggestions on this thread to no avail... so in dire frustration I have created a page that illustrates the problem... if you guys could look at it an make any suggestions I would be very grateful...
>>>thanks very much in advance...
>>Take out the background="" stuff. On my browser the "portfolio" pic comes in and you don't have all the background="" tags in that one.

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