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Mouseover and Image Map HELP!!!
From Christel Cronkhite on 28 June '01
I need some help here! I am pretty new to the javascript world, so bear with me.

When my user opens their browser they will have a menu on the left and a picture on the right. The menu and the picture are each in a seperate frame.

When they move their mouse over the buttons on the left a mouseover function lights up the button and displays a new image in the right hand frame (NO PROBLEMS HERE)

When they move the mouse down to the next button a new image appears in the right hand frame

and so on and so on.... (there are 12 buttons and each will display a new image to the right.


I want each to have it's own image map associated with it.

I can not figure out where to put the code to make this work


NOTE: I am using [] to represent <>

This will make the mouseover highlight the button on the left and then display the image to the right.

[a href = "accounting.html" onMouseOver="parent.mainwindow.document.scales_kt.src = 'scales_accounting.jpg'; document.accounting.src = 'accounting_bright.jpg';"
onMouseOut="document.accounting.src='frame_announcements.jpg';"][img src="frame_announcements.jpg" name="accounting"][/a]

As you can see the only [img src] tag I am using refers to the image "frame_announcements.jpg" which is the button on the left hand side, not the image on the right.


This has been the only way I have figured out to make an image map:

[IMG SRC="scales_accounting.jpg" USEMAP="#accounting_map"]

[map name = accounting_map]

[area shape="rect" coords="79, 116, 275, 129" target="mainwindow" href="Accounting Forms.html"]


Easy enough if I wasn't using the mouseover.

This works in a file by itself, but not when the image is generated by the mouseover.


Because I am refering to my image by the name "scales_kt.src" in the mouseover code, it is just taking the image with that name and replacing it with the new image. So I have no idea where to include the instructions to let it know that I want to have this new image refer to a different map.


Also, since this works fine in a file all by itself - why couldn't i have the mouseover display a .html file on the right? i have tried to find examples of this with no luck.


Thanks for any help.

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