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Looking for a REVIEW: SkyBiz vs.
From Gove at Channel Effects Studios - Online Comic Publications on 5 July '01
A call to all skybiz leaders...!

I've heard some rumors that the ship is sinking. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some more details on exactly what is going on with this.

There are a lot of people who made a lot of money with this system, and probably twice that who got burnt.

I would like to talk to some of the people who managed to succeed as I have a few questions that I need answered and I won't rest until I know the whole story.

I'm also wondering where all the skybiz folks will go? Is there some other internet related company that offers similar services. Maybe not quite so cheesy?

I was also looking into the web site. What a joke. Who would put money or faith into a hoaky company like that. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone but any site that looks like a Nintendo game from the 90's has got to be kidding.

I was doing some more research and I found a company called They seem to offer a web hosting services, but at a much higher level and quality than either of the other two. They also have a referral program that sounds like it's going to be the next hottest thing.

Has anyone heard of them? If so please respond so that I know whether to give them a shot. Or maybe you could review their site for ma and give me your opinion on whether it's worth my time.

Best of luck, and thanks for your response!

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