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Re: java help
From Brian Chandler at The Imaginatorium on 9 July '01
replying to Re: java help posted by Dale

>>thanks, but what i need DEFINATLY is not going to be a prewritten script. I need to calculate a specific formula, where a person can fill in for the variables T, O, A & R;
>>[(T - O) x (A/144)] / R = ?
>Under appropriate interpretation of "fill in".
> See e.g.
> (Fill in the purple boxes, click Calculate, and there's your answer. You can calculate any expression you like.

(I didn't write that very clearly.)

I meant that since my page calculates a particular formula (which you're not interested in), you can simply take it and change the calculation part in the obvious way to your formula, then rearrange the input and output boxes to fit the variables you're using. This is much easier than trying to write the thing from scratch.

Please also see

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