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Perl Remote file existance test
From Kenny Spade on 10 July '01
A friend of mine recently started writing a comic strip, and wanted to get it on the web. The only thing is, until he gets popular, we have to use one of those free web host things, and the only one that I can find that will agree to host us due to the bandwidth required doesn't support a cgi bin. I've consulted with them, and they said that if I wanted cgi, I would have to either upgrade to their premium package, or use a different site to link to the images. So, here's what I'm faced with: I can do the cgi programming for the comic strip on a different server to link to the server archiving the comics, but it isn't exactly going to be daily. The only wall that I've run into here is that I can't figure out how to query a remote server for whether or not a file exists. I can do it on the local server, no problem. I'm not looking to download the file or anything, that would cause a real big problem in bandwidth, and I don't want that. I just need to check for whether or not the file exists. File format will be year, month, day, and an extension. e.g. 20010713.jpg - and I know the path for it. Any ideas?

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