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Re: getting OLD..................
From Inachu on 17 July '01
replying to Re: getting OLD.................. posted by Andrew

You don't have to use frames to do that but I was just thinking of
having softer colors..... But no pastel colors!

True it works...... Or at least have have an advanced area for regulars or something like that.......

Have the regular site renamed to "Classic DeadLock Message Board"

Have another section called "Search Engine Watch" for those who notice something different about current SE's

And have a section dedicated to: "Search Engines that must die!"
for those who have gripes and can't come to terms with that certain SE.

And perhaps have a Poll every 6 months or so for the best search engine. A chat room wouldn't be a bad idea either. There are plenty of java apps(3rd party) that would not use your isp servers so ZERO load!.

And last of all have a short tiny message data base that scrolls that have the old messsages die off automatically.... kinda like the message boards at korealink. THis way you would not need a spam cop as often and less message overheads that you need to delete.

Cmon jim let this site grow!


>"Like putting the database in a smaller fram in the upeer left hand side or something....."
>Frames? FRAMES?!?!?!?!? Didn't this conversation just happen here? ha ha ha ha ha ha
>I don't know, it's been this way for about 4 years. It works, all the messages get indexed by the SE's. It works. Why change it?
>If you look at the same site all day long, day after day, you DO start to get bored and wanting a change. But for the person who's only here (or on that other site you're bored of and thinking of changing) 1 to 3 times a week....well, most people like familiarity, and they already know the site and where to go and how to get there..... why risk confusing them? IMO

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