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Re: Changing/Linking Domain Names
From Stan on 19 July '01
replying to Re: Changing/Linking Domain Names posted by Carl

Don't know if this will answer your question. But there is a service called domain forwarding offered by various companies including ... currently free of charge

What you have to do is go to your domain name registrar (the folk you bought your etc from) and reset the name servers to etc. (or the name servers of your other chosen domain forwarding service

Sign up with the domain forwarder (eg THAT'S THE REAL NAME)

Wait about 24 hours ... then hey presto will point to or whathave you

A next suggested step would be to include some Javascript into the top of your webpage something like this ...

This will force your

// <!--
// if(parent.frames.length <=1) {
// top.location.href=""
// }
// //-->

// </SCRIPT>

This will force your to be framed below


// Exclude the first slashes
Change <=1 to <=2 if your webpage is framed once on your website or <=3 if framed twice


Find a webhost for your domain name ... upload your website files to the webhost and once you are satisfied that your site works OK at the webhosted domain

create a webpage at your old site which forwards to your new site

Something like this perhaps


// <!--
// top.location.href=""
// //-->

// </SCRIPT>

> have the same exact problem that I'm having. I've been searching everwhere on line with out any answers. So I typed domain linking in a yahoo link and found you. I see you asked this question in may..If you know how to do it please email me the answer.
>Thank you very much
>> I want to change the domain name of my webpage but I still want the
>>old domain name to link you to the new domain name. Sounds a little
>>confusing!!! First of all how do you make the domain name change?
>>(I've already got the new domain name)Second how do I link the old
>>domain name to the new site?
>>Any help/references to other web pages/snips of code would be greatly
>>appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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