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Re: I had the same problem on a page and......
From James on 26 July '01
replying to Re: I had the same problem on a page and...... posted by Bob


the background="" works perfectly, i was tearing my hair out with piece of CR@P that is Netscape, the company i work for (the biggest british media company in the world) has to adhere to version 3 of both netscape and ie as the license payer has already paid to see these sites so this is a complete lifesaver as our Ops department would have eaten me for breakfast when they saw my code!

>Netscape is very much "an ignorant piece of sh*&t." This particular error can be solved by placing a background="" tag in every nested table cell.
>>I was like this too at first but found out that if I also ran my site on one of those
>>automated website checkers I had tons of errors.
>>It's just that IE is more forgiving and will be blind to those errors.
>>Netscape is really more compliant to the HTML standards but its hard to say what
>>standards to follow.
>>Certainly IE has caught up and is beating netscape now but does that mean IE HTML and java is the correct version?
>>So I suggest that all HTML programmers stick to the standard html until all browsers
>>have the updated support for the code. I like reading the "WEB TECHNIQUES"
>> and also the CD Book with several shareware and trail ware programs for the web.
>>I reccomend you visit your local book store and invest in that $13 CD magazine.
>>It has a wealth of info on it.
>>I still build my site for 100% compliance under 4.76 Netscape.
>>But more and more people are moving to using server side browser detection
>>and serving the person with the respective browser html.
>>This cuts down on broken looking sites.
>>Oh and did you hear! Microsoft lost the java court case!
>>Shame on you Microsoft!
>>Java will remain cross platform forever. Anyone trying to dilute it should also loose
>>in court!
>>>I was able to fix it and fix other problems I did not even know I had.
>>>I downloaded a program for free called tidy.exe and it has been a life saver for syntax errors that can really cause problems in webpages. One warning though, if you have major problems with your page it will re-arrange it sometimes, but it will fix it.
>>>I tried using different color backgrounds with embedded tables before I got tidy and I that didn't work either. I spent alot of time trying to fix embedded tables before tidy.
>>>Now if someone would be kind enough to answer some of my questions that I am posting in the following note.

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