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Re: Spam Alert?
From Inachu on 28 July '01
replying to Re: Spam Alert? posted by Jim

Whats the host ip address so I can add them to my own maps list.

I am building my own list of spam ip addresses and will start to sell them in 1-2 years.


>>>>Thank You Leland. I was beginning to think that I really did something wrong.
>>>Like I said sorry if I was wrong. But after years of newsgroups and message boards you learn to spot these things.
>>>Here is an example.
>>>Hi my name is IonZone and I have a great product check it out.
>>>(see next message board entry)
>>Wow! thanks IonZone thats the best product ever. Everyone should get one now!!!
>>(Do you see how your first entries looked like spam. Like I said first, sorry if I was wrong.)
>IonZone, your olfactory senses are indeed keen. I checked and both
>original messages were posted from the same host.
>Verdict: it's spam.

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