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From Doug on 2 August '01
Hello, I am in the process of putting up a web site for the place I work. Their server however does not handle microsoft Front Page extensions. I can still publish using Frontpage, but i can't insert any forms or anything that will be submitable (is that a word?) anyway, i just wouldlike some comments on that. Is the company that we are getting our space from in big trouble? FrontPage 2000 is greatly improved over 98 and if its like any other Microsoft Software it will not only become the standard item, but the only one. I personally cant see why anyone would want anything to do with computers that is not Microsoft compatable in some way. (im not condeming anyone or any other products, im just referring to the fact that microsft is everywhere/ I would love to hear comments, and opinions on if the company i work at should consider getting a different company to host our sight. is our home site, we have 4 pages on it and none of them are currently selling anything directly on them. Also if anyone that knows metatags has a chance to look at the North Central Truck Equipment site thats there any comments would be appreciated. THanks!!


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