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Re: Front Page installation
From Rob on 18 Feb '99
replying to Re: Front Page installation posted by Jack Andrews

There's no need to use words like Moron around here. You are a prime example of what the net is turning into...People that act BEHIND their computer.
I can't imagine that you would call someone a Moron in the "real world" because they didn't use the same editor as you, so don't do it on the net.

I'm sure if I looked at every bit of software and services you are using, I would find questionable ones, so treat people with a little more respect.

(And no, I do not use FrontPage)

...stepping off my soap box

>>Frontpage is a great program for my site the editior and the autothumbnail
>>feature is great; code? I don't have time for it. I'm busy filling
>>orders and selling watches on-line.
>FrontPage is a great program????? There are plenty of programs that do code for you, and they are all better than FrontPage.
>Donald, the site you listed as your home page only fits about half way on my screen and I'm at 1024 by 768 resolution. The strangest thing about it is that I don't even get a horizontal scroll bar so that I can see the rest of the page! I'm using Netscape 4.5 and the way I see it, your site is more proof of the inferiority of FrontPage.
>How many more watches could you have sold had Netscape 4.5 (or higher resolution or whatever) users been able to use your site? How many more people would have bought from you if your site loaded twice as fast? Enough to make it worth your while to buy another program.
>Don't be a moron! Don't waste your time with FrontPage when you could be using something better.

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