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Re Advice Please - Web Hosting
From keith on 10 August '01
replying to Advice Please - Web Hosting posted by Paul Waddington

there are some excellent services out there - i pay $8.95 a month
for 25MB and get all the goodies, full access, etc., but it
doesn't support ASP (so i use perl). i think you can find
cheaper ones out there, but what's a coupla bucks for a solid and
reliable server?

criteria to look for is disk space, backup frequency, uptime %,
and if you have any special needs, like ASP or using a merchant
account for credit card processing. i have one site that costs
me 15.95 a month to have hosted, but has cc processing.

good luck!

>im new to this and looking for advice. i came across url below
>and seem to be offering a goo deal. Has anybody used these people
>or do you know of a better package on market?

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