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Re: Please Help..Need advice on buying the best
From Michael on 12 August '01
replying to Re: Please Help..Need advice on buying the best "cloak" for hiding source code. posted by Eric

>This is complete hogwash people....there is NO way to hide html source from the viewers.....if someone wants to view the source, you just have to put up with that... ... So, the moral of the story is, dont bother, it cant be done. >

Try the site I just set up to show that you
could. It doesn't use Java applets or encoding and took about an
hour to set up. If you can see the HTML source from this site
then you can tell me what the magic word is. I coded to
Netscape, IE and telnet so if you're using a different browser
let me know in advance and I'll attempt to block that, too. (I
don't have much time to dedicate to this so just read my other
reply for ideas of how you might do this yourself.)


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