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Re: how do I upload an e-book & in what format
From Nicholas on 16 August '01
replying to how do I upload an e-book & in what format posted by Wayne

>In what format should I upload an e-book to my website so anyone
>who buys it can read it, if you can suggest a site that would be
>great, and if it's free even better.

?? PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) is pretty much the
standard for typeset-quality books sold over the Net. (Unless you
are asking about proprietary, cannot-be-copied formats, and then
I don't know.)

>The manual has been written with word, but when I save it as html
>it doesn't look the same as the original document.

Bwahahahaha! Ahem. Excuse the laugh. I just tried that myself for
the first time. I even imagined that HTML-Tidy had successfully
cleaned up the MS mess before I uploaded it to my server. Big
mistake; there were hundred of typos. I suspect there is NO WAY
to export a Word doc and turn it into clean HTML. (Next time I'll
copy, paste, and format it in HTML from scratch. Seems a lot

However, it is possible that Adobe Acrobat Distiller can turn a
Word doc into clean PDF. (I've only used AAD on PageMaker docs,
so I'm not sure.) Distiller comes with the paid version of
Acrobat, but not the free downloadable one.

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