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Re: website spacing
From P-ditty at Ambient Insomnia on 4 Sept '01
replying to Re: website spacing posted by jwj

>Better in the long run, build a site with no frames. IExplorer,
>as you mentioned, shoves your menu out of view but Netscape
>doesn't even get past the opening Alice In Wonderland page.
>Something wackey is going on.

I like my frames, though it might be the script for them or
something. I'm not sure. I was also wondering how actual hosts
(.com's etc.) do in terms of actually posting your site. is it
the same sort of format as the free hosts in that you create text
files and upload images? I'd like to know. if you could help me
out with that it would be grand.

BYE and thanks
p-ditty (not my real name, I don't like rap that much)

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