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Re: Cool Program
From Inachu on 7 Sept '01
replying to Re: Cool Program posted by Dale

If you are not using the pro version then heres what I did to
stop the crashes since it does not come with a help files.

before and after every photo picture import(skinning an object)
save the strata file.

After I did this then it stopped crashing.

>>Hey all,
>>I forgot if I posted this before but I have been using this
>>program called Strata3D and it is awsome!
>>I highly reccomend it to everyone from a newbie web designer to
>>full blown webmasters and content editors!
>>Here is a sample picture I made for a client of mine:
>>Other cool but not so high quality is Simply 3D. but doesnt come
>>close but strata can import Simply 3d files.
>>Are there any other cool programs out there that I may have missed?
>>I heard of Maya and a few others. Just wondering what everyone
>>else considers the standard "WEBMASTERS TOOLBOX".
>Kewl program, took a while to find a place to grab it from, looks
>tricky, have any tips on how you did that graphic up? I was
>fooling around with it and got a kernal32 error...hate those.

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