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Re: Husbans website
From DUMMY IN TEXAS on 10 Sept '01
replying to Re: Husbans website posted by Inachu

Boy old age real creeps up on you fast I meant to say his web
site. Anyway I have decided it is his baby and he can write to
you and find out how to do it. He is a lot smarter in this
department than I am so THANK YOU EVERYONE but I am going let him
handle it.

??? Changing the internet?
>In general terms this would mean getting a new ISP(internet
>service provider).
>Any other meaning would mean he is a trillionaire and is about to
>embark in redesigning the whole internet...
>Hahaha sorry... Please clarify :-)
>Howdy Texas! (i miss texas)
>>The reason I am trying to change my husband's internet is because
>>everytime he tries he gets frustrated. We both own All Awards in
>>Humble, Texas. He wanted a website and the only reason I call it
>>his website is because most of the products are for plaques and
>>acrylics. The few glass pieces he has I do plus the trophies.
>>He has the e-mail set up on his computer because that is our
>>business e-mail and most of his customers e-mail orders instead
>>of coming to the shop. Since my customers order trophies they
>>come to the shop. Dennis' e-mail is if you want
>>to verify this.

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