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Re: Ready to Publish???
From Dale on 22 Sept '01
replying to Ready to Publish??? posted by Toni

>Hi Everyone,
>Well I am finally going to take the bull by the horn and publish
>my website. Should I go with a host that uses FrontPage since
>that is what I used? Also should I use the host's shopping cart
>and other goodies or add-on separate? Needless to say, I feel
>like a woman in labor. I am really hesitant about publishing.
>My site is for sandcarved "unique" gifts. Every picture is my
>own most glass sites have the same pictures. How do I copyright
>or protect mine? Pleae help. Thanks as usual.

Unless you want to pay money, you cant really copyright or
protect your images, people can still steal them, the place Ive
seen puts a watermark on your images and you can trace them if
they are used anywhere on the Internet. Ill look for the site and
post back.

You might want to go to this site before you submit, it has very
good details on just about everything you need to know before

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