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Re: Ready to Publish???
From Dale on 22 Sept '01
replying to Re: Ready to Publish??? posted by Dale

>>Hi Everyone,
>>Well I am finally going to take the bull by the horn and publish
>>my website. Should I go with a host that uses FrontPage since
>>that is what I used? Also should I use the host's shopping cart
>>and other goodies or add-on separate? Needless to say, I feel
>>like a woman in labor. I am really hesitant about publishing.
>>My site is for sandcarved "unique" gifts. Every picture is my
>>own most glass sites have the same pictures. How do I copyright
>>or protect mine? Pleae help. Thanks as usual.
>Unless you want to pay money, you cant really copyright or
>protect your images, people can still steal them, the place Ive
>seen puts a watermark on your images and you can trace them if
>they are used anywhere on the Internet. Ill look for the site and
>post back.
>You might want to go to this site before you submit, it has very
>good details on just about everything you need to know before

Here's the watermarking site to check out.

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