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Re: Ready to Publish???
From whitedogr on 25 Sept '01
replying to Ready to Publish??? posted by Toni

To prevent copy/paste from right clicking and saving that way
(not secure, but stops many thefts from the average surfer),
copy/paste the js code below into Notepad:

var sorry="Email for info!"

function click(e) {
if (document.all) {
if (event.button == 2) {
return false;
if (document.layers) {
if (e.which == 3) {
return false;
if (document.layers) {
// -->

(Change the email address to your own!) Save the new file as
woops.js If it saves as woops.txt, rename it to woops.js On your
web page, add <script language="javascript"

Good luck! This only stops new-bies, not everyone, from taking
your stuff.

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