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Re: Better Business Bureau
From Dale on 28 Sept '01
replying to Better Business Bureau posted by Roger

>Does anyone know the cost for a small business to join the
>B.B.B.? I have an application but no where does it give pricing.
>It's only for the invitation to join. thanks

Just wondering here again after the 'quoting thier web' post, is
your small business Internet related? or something like a small
engine repair shop(example)I took the BBBOnline to be based on
Internet sales for example selling Jewelry, wigs ,on and on...
and did see in one state that you get so many webpages to use.
Guess that would be the differance online sales or just BBB
listing for your store(small business). Most help would be to
call the BBB in your city for the exact details & prices.

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